Property website Nestoria is set to launch a version of its vertical search engine in Spain.

Nestoria Espana

The company says it has partnered with some of Spain’s major property sites to provide over 250,000 property listings for the new site, Nestoria España. (It estimates the total available in Spain to be around 400,000).

Nestoria’s UK property search engine currently has around 150,000 unique visitors per month, according to comScore stats.

We caught up with Nestoria co-founder Ed Freyfogle to ask a few questions about the Spanish launch…


Why have you chosen to expand into Spain?

Spain has a very hot housing market at the moment, with the economy growing, and a lot of people from Spain and the UK buying property there.

Various big players in the Spanish property market were willing to co-operate with us. As an added bonus, some of our team members are Spanish.

Who are your rivals in Spain?

Casabuscador is our main competitor.


Is it the same business model as Nestoria UK?

The business model is the same; advertising on a pay per lead basis. Also, from day one we’ll be offering a public API for anyone to take our listings and use.

As with the UK site, we have made partnerships with websites in Spain to add local information.

Currently we show public transport data in major cities, information about local schools, photos from the Spanish community photo site Panaramio, and points of interest from community site Tagzania.

We plan to be adding more relevant local data in the coming months.


So what’s the next stage with Nestoria? Where next after Spain?

We are looking at other markets but have no concrete plans at the moment.


Any plans for an English version of the site for Brits buying abroad?

We are looking into this option, but we have a small team of six people so it may take time.


How has the beta test gone so far?

Good, we’ve had some good feedback from testers and are implementing some changes based on these recommendations.

This is a ‘beta’ launch, so we know the site won’t be perfect. We have pretty sophisticated metrics tools to learn from the behaviour of our users.

As we see how people use the site, we’ll adapt and refine the Nestoria España experience.


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