Lookery is a new company that’s launching an ad network targeted at Facebook applications, helping advertisers reach the social network’s 32m users.

It is the brainchild of Scott Rafer, an entrepreneur whose last venture was MyBlogLog, sold to Yahoo! in January for $10m (£5m). He has launched Lookery in conjunction with Compete co-founder David Cancel.

Because the terms of Facebook’s new open platform allows third party developers to access user profiles, Lookery hopes to provide advertisers with detailed data that will allow precise targeting of ads.

Though this data can only be held for 24 hours, Lookery can still use it to build up demographic profiles of the types of applications that different groups of users are adding to their profiles.

Lookery launched last week, so has only has a small number of publishers signed up so far, including Lending Club, which has been successful so far on Facebook.