The association representing online advertisers in the US has moved to address the problem that leaves hits on modern, Ajax-based pages unable to be tracked.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a new set of guidelines for measuring rich web applications.

Many newer websites employ asynchronous scripting methods to dynamic load content on a page without the user having to refresh that page.

That has threatened the conventional “page views” metric on which so many ad buyers depend – one measurement agency was earlier this year prompted to introduce a new “visits” standard as a result.

Now the IAB has published Rich Internet Application Impression Measurement Guidelines (pdf), a draft document aiming to harmonise measurement processes in light of the challenge.

In it, the IAB suggests ad counting on rich websites could be tied to the number of mouse clicks and keyboard activity rather than page impressions alone.

But the document, announced at the IAB Digital Video Forum this week, has only been put out to consultation at this stage. The association is inviting feedback on the proposals for the next month.