The BBC’s drive to become the world’s foremost digital broadcaster took another step today with the launch of a new Sport app on iOS.

We’ve followed developments at the Beeb with interest over the past 12 months, with iPlayer updates, mobile sites and apps being unveiled on what seems like a fortnightly basis.

One of its most impressive launches was the Olympics smartphone app, which offered a great user experience alongside a massive amount of content. 

On top of that, the BBC also unveiled a new iPlayer Radio app and updated its news and sports mobile sites using adaptive design.

So what does this latest addition to its portfolio offer that the existing sport mobile site doesn’t?


To be honest, not a great deal. The layout and navigation on the app is essentially the same as the mobile site, and as far as I can tell it doesn’t offer any additional features.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I’m a fan of the mobile site, however it’s disappointing that the BBC hasn’t come up with any extra flourishes to make it a must-have app.

There are options that allow you to select the sports that show in the ‘Quick Links’ tab in the top right of the screen, but that appears to be the only thing you can customise.


In fairness, content apps from publishers such as The Guardian and Sky Sports generally offer limited functionality beyond choosing what topics you want to see displayed on the homepage. However those apps aren’t just replicas of an existing mobile site.

So though I’ll definitely be downloading the new BBC Sport app when it finally appears on Android, I can’t help but feel that the BBC should have tried to come up with some killer features that make it a cut above the mobile site.

After all, it did such a great job of the Olympics app it’s a shame that this app doesn’t provide the same ‘wow’ factor.