Econsultancy has just expanded its Ecommerce Deep Dive learning content with a new learning plan, Optimising the Retail Media Opportunity, which explores how marketers and advertisers can best exploit retail media as part of their overall marketing mix.

Retail media has surged in importance and relevance in recent years as increased online traffic has led to additional opportunities for retailers to collect first-party data from customers and serve them relevant, impactful advertising near the point of purchase. Brands are increasingly sitting up and taking note of this opportunity to reach customers in a critical moment and close the loop on their advertising campaigns.

As part of the Optimising the Retail Media Opportunity learning plan, learners will develop an understanding of retail media ad formats and benefits, learn how to evaluate and select an advertising partner, and prepare for an investment into retail media. Learners can also explore in detail the two primary advertising formats – sponsored product ads, and product display ads – and how to plan campaigns that play to the strengths of these formats.

Each lesson comprises of instructional videos that lay out the topic in a clear and digestible fashion, supported by opportunities for learners to put their knowledge to the test and apply what they’ve learned, alongside further reading on the subject.

The new course complements existing ecommerce learning plans, accessed via the Econsultancy Skills Cloud, including:

Further information

Explore the full learning outcomes on the Optimising the Retail Media Opportunity course page.

Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Deep Dive comprises 22 courses which can also now be accessed ‘in the flow’ of work through 60+ microlearning modules.

The Customer Experience and Data and Analytics Deep Dives are also available in structured and ‘in the flow’ formats including topics such as customer journey mapping, understanding experience with data, data acquisition and management, and data activation.

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