Econsultancy has today launched a new elearning course, Mastering Product Content for the Digital Store, to help ecommerce marketers with the fundamentals of this evolving area of ecommerce. This course adds to Econsultancy’s market-leading Multi-Touch Learning offering for ecommerce.

The course is the first part of a new learning plan in our ecommerce channel centred on product content, pricing and persuasion for the digital store.

Product information management and digital asset management have become increasingly important as marketplaces and product advertising have expanded in recent years. Having an accurate understanding of how SKUs appear on the ‘digital shelf’ and how this content impacts conversions is an important part of maximising online sales. As such, the elearning lessons cover key technologies involved in product data management, the role of user generated content, how to optimise pages and increase product visibility, and how to boost site search performance.


The new course complements existing ecommerce learning plans, accessed via the Econsultancy Skills cloud, including:

Further information

Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Deep Dive comprises 19 courses and 7 hours of learning, which can also now be accessed ‘in the flow’ of work through 60+ microlearning modules.

The Customer Experience and Data and Analytics Deep Dives are also available in structured and ‘in the flow’ formats including topics such as customer journey mapping, understanding experience with data, data acquisition and management, and data activation.

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