The third report in a series on digital community building, Growing Your Community provides tactics and examples for building a digital community through a combination of social channelsand email.

Creating a dynamic, growing online community is one of the most powerful new opportunities that digital provides marketers. They provide information, increase engagement, spark innovation and at their best, increase and/or ensure the financial connection between the brand and customer. But with so much noise in our online lives, it’s not easy to start or grow a community that matters.

Online Communities Part Three: Growing the Community is the third report in a series of four that focus on digital community building. This 17-page guide uncovers how email marketing – the “digital glue” of new media – can be used to grow your community. This report, and the full series, is free with registration.

The first report in this series, Starting a Community, focused on establishing communities. The second report, Engaging Your Community Across Multiple Platforms, developed on that base and explored ways to engage, grow, and leverage your community.

This third report introduces the use of email marketing to grow and enhance your community;

  • Explains and dispels the myth that email marketing is dead
  • Discusses how email marketing is the digital glue of social media
  • Explores ways in which email marketing and social media go together to help grow online communities
  • Provides data around the various email/social tactics that marketers are using (or should be)

The writer of the Digital Communities Series, DJ Waldow, is a marketer, social community manager and frequent blog author who writes from his experience building communities for clients in a variety of industries including retail, travel & tourism, and not-for profit.

Note: Part 4 of the Online Communities series – Leveraging Your Community; Feedback, Support and Sales is coming later in the year, and will dive into ways to take advantage of the online community you’ve worked so hard to build.