Yesterday, the IAB released new research in connection with Meredith’s Parents Network surveying moms with school age children on with use of mobile during the back to school season.

Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB, believes these results could point to potential opportunities for marketers to reach the coveted “mom” audience:

I know that back-to-school creates great mobile opportunities for brands and retailers to reach busy moms at a pivotal time. This study with Meredith points to a variety of ways that busy moms depend on their mobile devices in order to get through the hectic back-to-school season.

Across all US moms, the top smartphone usages during back-to-school include:

  • Communicating with teachers and schools (33%)
  • Organizing the family calendar (30%)
  • Sharing back-to-school related info via social networks (28%)
  • Staying in touch with other parents (26%)
  • Finding coupons and store discounts (25%)
  • Building and checking shopping lists (21%)
  • Mobile shopping (20%)

This level of usage gives companies an opportunity to ensure branded content is front and center. According to Carey Witmer, Executive Vice President, Meredith Parents Network:

Now, more than ever before, Millennial moms are using their smartphones to help make their lives run smoother. They pursue the information they want and need, everywhere they go, every time of the day, and it’s our goal at The Meredith Parents Network to have branded content everywhere they are, whenever they need us.

Check out the handy infographic below to get more of a flavor of the “Moms Go Back-to-School with Mobile” study.