emailMaybe consumers really do want to read about toothpaste, paper towels, and soda.  A new study from ROI Research and Epsilon claims that 62 percent of customers that receive permission- based emails are influenced by those emails, and 75 percent have read company or brand content as a direct result.

The survey
was conducted in mid-October and measured 1,517 people. Not exactly a
statistically projectable dynamo, (and it is, after all, sponsored) but
even if half the numbers are on the money they are significant. They
support the continued effectiveness of permission-based email, and they
support the concept that content will attract consumer attention, which
will increase engagement and then purchase intent.

Nice formula, no? The numbers also make the case that email is an essential element in the glue that bonds customers to brands. 57 percent of respondents said they are “more loyal to CPG companies because of” their email relationship. Some other impressive numbers in the survey include:

  •     91% of respondents downloaded or printed a coupon as a result of an email
  •     76% tried a new product for the first time
  •     67% researched retail locations that carry the product
  •     66% ordered a product sample
  •     65% shared a coupon or forwarded the email
  •     65% purchased the product online
  •     34% typed or copied a URL directly into their browser