Webloyalty, a US company which provides online discount and rewards schemes, has moved to the UK and signed its first UK client, Interflora.

With the deal, Interflora’s customers can opt into Webloyalty’s Shopper Discounts and Rewards scheme, which offers cashback discounts of up to 40% off online purchases.

Members can obtain discounts from other online retailers, including M&S, John Lewis, Asda and Tesco.

E-commerce partners like Interflora benefit from the scheme, as they are paid by Webloyalty for every customer that joins the reward programme. They may also benefit from a boost in site visits, as consumers are encouraged to visit sites to use their online discount vouchers.

After making a purchase at one of Webloyalty’s e-commerce partners, customers will see a Webloyalty offer of a discount off their next purchase at the site, as well as free access to a range of discounts and services for 30 days.

After a month, providing the customer hasn’t cancelled, they are then charged monthly for access to their benefit package – the charge in the US is $10/month.

Founded in 1999, Webloyalty says it has over 2m subscribers in the US and partnerships with more than 140 online businesses.

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