Shopping search engine has launched a new service for consumers to browse products exclusively from merchants that accept PayPal payments.

As you can see above, shopping search results on are visual catalogue-style images, rather than simple text links.

In addition, merchants do not need to pay to have their products included, all goods from PayPal merchants are automatically indexed.

As a shopping search engine, thefind is pretty impressive – the results are presented in way that is appealing visually, and the site gives you some good options to further refine your search – by brand, style, merchant, etc.

Clicking on an item gives you further information and a link to the site selling that item. It also gives you options to find similar items, and compare to other searches. It would benefit from a price / product comparison guide though.

The visual element of the site is a big win – customers can browse through items with ease. Other sites have launched with visual browsing experiences, such as BrowseGoods, and Shopwave.

Thefind is a less of a pure visual shopping experience, but it is more usable than BrowseGoods or Shopwave, with better product information and filtering options.