Online auction giant eBay is introducing some much needed changes to its search functions, making it easier for users to find what they want and filter out what they don’t.

eBay search

The changes will go live on the UK site in the next month but are already available to try out on eBay Playground

With such a massive range of items on display via the auction site, users need effective filtering tools to help them find what they want.

The site has now added more tools to help users narrow down their choices. When searching for an iPod for example, a search which returns 50,000+ results, effective filtering options are essential.

In this case, users can narrow their choice according to the type of iPod, colour, storage capacity, price range and more:

eBay filtering options

The amount of matching products in each filter category is also displayed, which is useful to prevent users from returning no results:

eBay filtered search

Filters can be taken off or altered easily, and eBay has provided useful tools like this slider bar for price range, to refine searches:

There are also some alternative options for how search results are displayed. Users can view items matching their query by viewing as a list, gallery, or by this visual window shopping display:

eBay window shopping view

Using this view, they can hover over a picture with their cursor to see more details:

The changes look pretty good so far; eBay is one site that needs effective filtering options, and the new search system should help users avoid irrelevant results.

This should save users time spent plowing through results, as well as benefitting sellers by making it easier for buyers to find their items.

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