Horsemouth is a new social network, currently in beta, which has been set up to allow people to share their experiences and provide advice for others.

The site has been launched by Horse’s Mouth Foundation, a social enterprise charity. Horsemouth is aimed at adults, and claims to be the first online social network with a social purpose.

The site wants to put people who have particular life experiences and advices to offer in touch with people to provide them with help and support, which could range from career advice to health and relationship issues.

The site is looking for mentors who are willing to help others by sharing their wisdom. Chats between mentors and people seeking advice can take place privately on a one to one basis, or be shared with other users of the site.

Mentors are also rated by the people they advise, which will build up a rating for each mentor over time.

Mentors have a range of features to use – they can specify how much time they will spend giving help each week, store their ‘pearls of wisdom’ for others to view, as well as manging their profiles.

The site also features videos of celebrities and politicians, including Gordon Brown and Richard E. Grant,  giving their own words of wisdom.

The site is currently in beta, with a launch planned for the autumn, but has around 3,000 users already.