Readers find web versions of newspapers and magazines easier to access, faster, and generally more convenient to use, according to an
Association of Online Publishers (AOP) survey.

The survey asked 26,926 respondents across 37 AOP sites about their media habits, finding that 60% of newspaper readers found online easier to access than print media.

This was different for magazines, with only 48% of readers preferring to access content online, while half of magazine respondents said they found the print version more satisfying.

Also, 81% of newspaper respondents and 74% of magazine respondents considered the print and online platforms to be equally trustworthy.

Meanwhile, ABC Electronic figures show that Times Online, which had a major redesign recently, attracted an additional 1m visitors in June, reaching a total of 9.6m unique users.

The Times was the second most visited newspaper site in June, second to the Guardian, which dropped by almost 1.5m users in June to 16.06m, while The Sun attracted 9.02m visitors and The Telegraph 7.05m. No figures were available for the Daily Mail.

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