Last week we launched a competition where the prize was a pair of tickets for this week’s Future Of Digital Marketing event, one of the highlights of the Econsultancy calendar.

We asked the question: “What will you be focused on in the next year and why?” 

We received dozens of entries and I have compiled a bunch of them here to reveal three common themes. There are some outliers of course, but the following entries broadly reflect our audience’s focus on devices, channel integration and engagement strategies

djinni: The future of marketing is “organic marketing”, replaces interruptive tactics with customer focused ones.

Syd_Congrejo: The further disconnection from the desktop and being mobile – using mobile and cloud marketing!

marickab‎: Focus next year is on mobile/tablet devices – there is massive growth to take advantage off in the current market place.

amyjeffray:‎ Search, engagement, relevant content and lead conversion! 

jeznowhouse:‎ In the coming year I will mostly be creating branded entertainment, for it is the future, verily.

Emilymbeach‎: Mobile mobile mobile. Apps, the cloud, mobile versions, enabling everybody to easily access their digital world.

KittyStory‎: It’s about connecting emotionally – the passive viewer becomes the creator so unique, personal experiences will be the ones to watch.

Andygauk:‎ The Next Year: Devices (TV, AR & WebOS) layered over raw content. Users will engage based on look & feel because of ubiquity of content.

JuliaKingsford‎: I will be focusing on better ways to enable digital conversations and sharing of passion, energy and enthusiasm.

Ninadietrich:‎ Moving from ‘e-commerce’ and ‘having a website’ to social commerce and various device strategies.

timaldiss‎: Next year I’ll be focused on managing client social networks through Salesforce, adding new leads from Twitter and Facebook searches.

r_c‎: Socialising business functions, branded content, acting on results of social commerce trials and working to ensure customer trust.

indigo102‎: Efficacy of mobile web to engage consumers is unparalleled, it should command greater level of attention and spend.

danaleeson:‎ I would focus on fostering relationships through engagement rather than sell tactics.

Laura_Scott‎: The internet of things and ways for brands to better connect on and offline experiences.

peter_oneill‎: Using data from multiple sources to identify areas to focus on & predict impact on profit from changes (marketing, website, strategy).

edlongley‎: Mobile, optimisation, location-based services then optimisation of location based mobile services through multi-channel attribution. 

caryjameslondon‎: We will be focused on redeveloping our web presence, building relationships and tracking journeys.

JDuggan85‎: Integrating the online & offline world more seamlessly, focusing on merging our search & social media marketing strategy.

arivindabraham:‎ Location based initiatives. I really do believe it’s going to be about tailoring engagement based on the location of the user. 

AlexEMarketing‎: Next year we’re focusing on all the commerces: e, m and f! Multichannel: let the user decide how they want to engage with our brand.

gpmd‎: I’m excited to see how the boom of social ratings will effect search and how retailers will engage with readers on multiple platforms.

xavierobon‎: It has to be about stopping channels being treated as independent entities and thinking in a more holistic way: EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

ninadietrich‎: Moving from ‘e-commerce’ and ‘having a website’ to social commerce and various device strategies.

And our lucky winner, chosen randomly (using from all of the entries (included those not listed above) is:

JoannaButler‎: More connected experiences across devices, browsers and social media with clever data usage (including APIs) to add value to offerings.

Our thanks to all who took part and hearty congratulations to Joanna (we’ll be in touch). 

Remember to tune in to the FODM hashtag on Wednesday for all of the key takeaways from the event.