Wieden + Kennedy NY has launched Nike Jordan’s newest shoe, the CP3.V, with a
180 degree interactive video.

The video puts you into the middle of a fast
break, the most chaotic situation in basketball, and allows you control what goes on around you.

Quick Controls Chaos, created for the Nike Jordan brand, allows you to choose which angle you view the game by sliding your mouse
across the screen. To capitalise on the chaos, you can click on any unusual action on the court to watch it played back in full.

From a horse galloping into the game to a woman falling into the arms of a basketball player, there’s plenty of action to choose from. Alongside pop-ups to view more video content, there are quotes you can click on or you can see the shoe worn by the players in more detail.

Using 17 Red cameras to capture the action, Wieden + Kennedy created this ad which relies on over 100 streaming videos that are swapped out as users change angles on its dedicated website. It’s a slightly surreal experience but plays the chaos idea to the max. As it’s so fast paced, it’s sometimes hard to catch the buttons to display more about the shoes or additional videos, but if you are really interested in finding out more you can replay the main video.

Though this is very technically advanced, it lacks the personalisation that other interactive video campaigns have used. The Man vs. Bear campaign for Tipp-Ex in the UK allows you to choose what a hunter will do to a bear after whiting out the original title (we tried kissing, eating and dancing with but the options are endless). The Desperados Experience takes this one step further by not only collecting details of your age and location to let you into the party, but by allowing you to connect via Facebook, it includes images of your friends. When the video ends with your face tattooed on some man’s chest, it’s a no brainer to share online.

With this level of sophistication of interactive video entering the market, it’ll take a lot to impress consumers but they will be more willing to watch if you do keep them involved. As long as the ways of gathering consumer stats are cleverly embedded in the action, advertisers will have more consumer insight into video than ever before. It’s a missed opportunity if you do otherwise.