Nikki Gilliland

About Nikki Gilliland

Nikki Gilliland is a writer at Econsultancy.

Customer Experience (CX)

So what exactly does customer experience (CX) mean?

Customer experience is one of the leading ways that brands seek to differentiate themselves today. But what does CX mean exactly? Ahead of ‘Econsultancy Live 2021: What’s next for CX?’ – let’s explore the concept and take a look at some research that can help bring it to life. CX for the win 2020 once […]

James Smith

A day in the life of… James Smith, MD at The Kite Factory

Today’s ‘Day in the Life’ features James Smith, the managing director of media agency The Kite Factory. James discusses The Kite Factory’s growing focus on mid-funnel measurement, how it has helped clients navigate the past 18 months, and what the future holds for marketers. Please describe your job: What do you do? I’m the Managing […]

A day in the life of… Lars Lehne, Group CEO of Incubeta

In today’s ‘Day in the Life’ we speak to Lars Lehne – the Group CEO of digital marketing performance group, Incubeta. Lars gives us some insight into what it’s been like to take on this new role during the pandemic. Plus, he passes on some learnings from his previous role at Google, and gives us […]