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Nikki Gilliland is a writer at Econsultancy.

AI, privacy, and localisation: The trends impacting email marketing

Email remains an important channel for marketers in 2023, with automation and innovation in artificial intelligence enhancing the effectiveness of campaigns. According to the DMA’s Consumer Email Tracker, 32% of consumers say they find email brand messages useful – a rise from just 15% in 2021. At the same time, however, new privacy measures and […]

Qudo’s Mihajlo Popesku: ‘Data privacy concerns have created a greater need for zero-party data’

Mihajlo Popesku, Deputy CEO and Chief Research Officer at Qudo, says, “data privacy concerns have created a greater need for zero-party data” and that “by collecting anonymous data with the consent of participants, research houses can build precise consumer groups.” He likens this precision to “a glass of water” for the thirsty, in contrast to […]

How Amazon continues to win in beauty ecommerce

Beauty ecommerce has continued an upward trajectory over the past few years, with growth in the market nearly quadrupling between 2015 and 2022. As well as the impact of influencers and social selling, a spike in demand during the pandemic, and direct-to-consumer innovation – one factor in the sector’s growth has been the expansion of […]

The paid social landscape: from TikTok growth to AI-powered buying

Paid social media strategies have continued to evolve in the past couple of years, reflecting a mix of technological advancements, shifting consumer behaviour, and the need to stand out in an increasingly crowded online space.    But what is impacting the market now? From the continuation of a volatile digital ad market to new platform […]

A day in the life of… James Ramsden, ECD at Coley Porter Bell

James Ramsden is Executive Creative Director of branding agency Coley Porter Bell. We asked Ramsden about his role, about immersive brands and design-centred campaigns, and his predictions on what’s to come in the industry. Econsultancy: Tell me about your role – what does a typical day look like for you? James Ramsden: If I’m at […]