Welcome to Econsultancy’s weekly round up of useful and interesting statistics from the world of digital and ecommerce.

This week it includes mobile commerce, digital marketing technology, Amazon’s customer experience, iOS 8, retargeting and Hootsuite’s latest funding round.

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Mobile commerce traffic up by 120%

Monetate’s latest Ecommerce Quarterly for Q2 2014 shows that mobile commerce traffic has increased by 120% in the last year, overtaking tablet traffic for the first time.

But while mobile devices are now responsible for 16% of all ecommerce traffic, they continue to drive less than 4% of revenue. 

Moreover, a mobile customer’s visit to an ecommerce website has a 50% higher bounce rate, a 30% lower add-to-cart rate, and is 10% more likely to abandon cart.

The report is based on data from more than 7bn online shopping experiences.

Digital marketing tech can be a competitive advantage

Econsultancy’s new report on Leading a Digital Marketing Evolution shows that digital marketing tech can be a competitive advantage, but only if implemented correctly.

The report identified three distinct groups of companies based on how they are affected by pressures directly related to digital. The groups are leaders, mainstream and followers.

The data shows that leading companies are far less likely to be confounded by data and far more likely to have tied their various applications into a cohesive, useful structure.

Nearly 40% of leaders agree that their digital marketing technologies empower everything they do. 

Amazon tops UK digital CX study

Once again, Amazon has come top in a customer experience survey from eDigitalResearch.

The eChannel Retail Benchmark looks at digital customer experience from first impressions to making a purchase – including websites, mobile sites and apps.

Amazon topped the benchmark study thanks to its core multichannel functionality, especially across the search and purchase sections of the customer journey. Consumers particularly liked the accurate and fast predictive text on keyword search, customer reviews on product pages and the one-click purchase functionality.

Department store Debenhams came a close second thanks to its recent site redesign. 

Apple’s iOS 8 off to a slower start than iOS 7

The roll out of Apple’s new operating system hasn’t been a great success thus far, and unsurprisingly users appear unwilling to make the switch from iOS 7.

Data from Somo and Lithient shows that five days post-launch iOS 8 penetration had hit 36%. In comparison iOS 7 had reached 58% in the same period.

Does creativity drive profits?

A new report from Adobe shows that that creativity is increasingly becoming a crucial factor to a company’s success.

The survey of senior managers from more than 300 large global companies found that 58% of firms that foster creativity had 2013 revenues exceeding their 2012 revenues by 10% or more. In contrast, only 20% of less creative companies performed similarly.

Creative companies are more likely to report a commanding market leadership position with a higher market share than competitors. Of those reporting market share leadership, creative companies outnumber their less creative counterparts by a factor of 1.5%.

People intend to buy cars online

British consumers’ intent to buy motor-related products, computer equipment and ebooks online has tripled since 2011, according to a new study by Nielsen.

Purchase intent is difficult to measure accurately, but it seems shoppers are becoming more accepting of ecommerce.

The proportion of Britons who intend to use the internet to buy cars, motorcycles or related accessories ‘in the next six months’ has jumped more than three times since 2011, from just 5% to 17% in 2014. 

Similarly, the intent to go online to purchase computer hardware (to 28%) and software (to 30%) as well as ebooks (to 33%) has tripled. 

Be careful with app data

More than one in three consumers (35%) who have used a mobile app on their smartphone/tablet have deleted an app because they think their data is being overused.

The survey also found that only a quarter of people trust companies to protect the data gathered through mobile apps.

The survey was conducted by Osborne Clarke and Mubaloo.

Advertisers concerned with retargeting transparency

A poll of 230 enterprise level marketers (50% spending more than $250,000 a month) has found that one in four advertisers are concerned with transparency when retargeting.

These concerns include include viewability (38%), click fraud (37%), and ‘black box’ campaign optimisation (34%).

The survey by Marin Software found that 88% of respondents use retargeting, with display (81%), search (77%) and social (48%) the top channels.

51% of respondents indicated retargeting makes up less than 10% of their monthly marketing budget. 

Hootsuite closes $60m funding round

And finally, some news from the Hootsuite, which has announced a $60m funding round that brings its total financing to $250m.

As a result the Vancouver-based startup is valued at around $1bn.