Ever got a car insurance quote that was so expensive you wanted to crush it?

No, me neither, but that’s the premise behind MoneySuperMarket’s latest social campaign.

Facebook users could win the chance to control a car crusher by entering a competition on the comparison site.

It was all videoed and posted onto a competition tab on MoneySuperMarket’s Facebook page, so people can share the clips of cars being crushed.

The idea is part of the brand’s move towards ‘epic’ ad campaigns.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is to fly 10 famous vloggers to secret locations around the world so they can document their travels and share it with their subscribers. They will also stop off in Instanbul en route to give a glimpse of the city’s culture.

The videos will show what it’s like to fly Turkish Airlines and will be hosted on the brand’s YouTube channel.

The vloggers will include such prestigious talent as Devin Supertramp and Damian Walters.

It’s another sign of the growing influence of YouTube celebrities and their appeal to marketers.


Tumblr is very popular with the kids these days so VisitBritain has plans to use the blogging platform to promote Blighty as a tourist destination.

The ‘Discover Great Britain’ page will use images, videos and some top notch Gifs to show off the things to see and do in Britain.



In another example of the growing appeal of social media celebs, Vine star Zach King has been recruited to help launch Lacoste’s new digital boutique.

The six-second clips are hugely impressive but I’m sure Lacoste will have hedged its bets and come up with some additional ways to promote the online store.

For more of the same check out Christopher Ratcliff’s roundup of October’s best Vines.

Thorne Travel

You’ve all heard of Thorne Travel, right? The travel agent based in the small Scottish town of Kilwinning?

Well in spite of the fact that nobody knows of the brand, it scored a massive viral hit with its awkward YouTube ad that had racked up more than a million views before being inexplicably taken down.

Thankfully The Poke managed to grab a copy before it disappeared, so here it is in all its glory…

Virgin Airlines

Our own Christopher Ratcliff already gave this an excellent write up so I won’t dwell on the intricacies of Virgin’s brilliant BLAH Airlines content marketing campaign.

Suffice to say that it includes a fake website, dodgy customer service, and a six-hour YouTube video that also doubles as a pre-roll ad.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has again recruited a load of people associated with the Hobbit movies to take part in its in-flight safety videos.

More than 8.5m people have seen the video since it was published earlier this week, even though it’s actually not all that entertaining…

Jack Daniel’s

I was under the impression that Tumblr appealed to the youths, but Jack Daniel’s is using the blogging platform to market its premium label booze to 25-35 year-old males.

The Gentleman Jack Tumblr site pulls together all the content from the ‘Order of Gentlemen’ campaign which has previously lived on Facebook and YouTube.

The content features the ‘Chairmen of the Order’, young entrepreneurs that have achieved success their own way.

It’s hoped that this will inspire the target audience to splash out on Gentleman Jack premium whiskey rather than the cheap stuff.

Airbnb and Waterstones

The final example this month is a joint effort from Airbnb and Waterstones.

In a nutshell: 

  • A Texan got locked in a London branch of Waterstones. 
  • He tweeted about his ordeal, generating loads of social buzz.
  • Airbnb tweeted Waterstones to say it should host a sleepover in the store.
  • Waterstones setup a competition using a pretend Airbnb listing.
  • Last Friday 20 lucky winners spent the night at Waterstones.

Read all about it in my write up about why it’s a great lesson in agile marketing.