Nissan has partnered with Pentagon Interactive to launch an official merchandise and accessories shop on eBay. 

Launched today, Nissan is the second car manufacturer to work with the e-commerce provider on an eBay-based marketplace – following the success of BMW Direct.  

Nissan Motor GB aftersales product manager Omobola Dada said that when the company decided to sell on eBay, it was conscious that the skills required to make it successful would have meant building a team within the business.

Working with a partner offered a much faster route to market, an attractive commercial model and, most importantly, an understanding of our brand and how to protect it in such a dynamic, consumer driven environment.”

eSellerpro director of global partnerships & alliances Andrew Norman, the software than runs alongside Pentagon’s e-commerce platform, added that several of its largest sellers in this space have opted to outsource the management of their store.

Many brands are taking promotional and engagement work in-house at the moment, to have those responsible for managing reputation closer to the internal team.

Here we see Nissan working with an external partner in what it sees as a safer model. Communication and technical build are two very different tasks, but it’s still interesting to see this outsourced with reputational aspects flagged as a reason for doing so.

It’s often easier to sign off budget for a third party when comparing it to the creation of a new team, and this doesn’t come with any of the logistical issues associated. That’s not even counting reduction of time, and the added benefit of specialist expertise.

And while taking the eBay route might still come as a surprise to some, in fact, the ‘Motors’ category is one of the site’s biggest sources of revenue.


For starters, eBay’s Clare Moore-Bridger says that it’s the most popular site for online car sales in the UK, largely due to motor enthusiasts and those renovating cars, searching for deals or spare parts. 2,800 sales are made via mobile every week.

eBay itself has also expanded its automotive offering by acquiring WHI Solutions, a provider of software and digital catalogue solutions for auto parts distributors and retailers.

More broadly, YouTube has sought to capitalise on the popularity of the car industry by adding two new motoring channels to its ever increasing range of original content, and Auto Trader announced that 2.2m people used its mobile platform in January. 

Meanwhile Ford recently launched a new tool that allows its US franchises to show real time vehicle inventory through their own social media profiles.

This move from Nissan is another signal that the automotive industry is pushing forward, testing new platforms and innovating in areas that are the most appropriate in a way that many other industries are yet to grasp.