Heinz has launched a loyalty campaign for its chilli-flavoured Tomato Ketchup variants exclusively on Facebook.

The social media campaign centres on offering discount vouchers that double in value once they’ve been shared by friends.

People who aren’t already Heinz Facebook fans must Like the page before they can click through to the coupons, which are available for the chilli and fiery chilli flavours. They then have the choice of immediately downloading a 25p discount coupon or sharing it with their friends, which will double its value to 50p.

The move marks the latest stage in the FMCG giant’s social media push, which has seen it increase its Facebook advertising spend by 20% for the year. It became the first FMCG brand to sell a product via Facebook earlier this year when it made a limited edition balsamic-flavoured tomato ketchup available exclusively through the social network (nma.co.uk 4 March 2011).

Heinz launched the chilli and balsamic vinegar-flavoured variants simultaneously this March. It chose to focus first on trialling Facebook initiatives with the balsamic flavour, but wants to step up its social media activity for the chilli flavours, according to brand manager Lucy Clark.

Clark told new media age the discount coupons form part of its strategy of rewarding its existing Facebook fans, as well as creating new ones. “We could have launched the chilli flavours in the same way as balsamic by selling them directly through Facebook, but we wanted to test something new. If it goes well we’ll certainly repeat it for other flavours,” she said.

Email newsletters will be sent out to Heinz’s 70,000-strong subscribers, but they won’t link through to the Facebook page, hoping instead to monitor its viral capability. “We want to see how fast it spreads. We’ll do a small amount of Facebook advertising, but the heart of the campaign is the Facebook discount coupons,” said Clark.

Heinz has been steadily increasing its Facebook activity for the last year, the latest iteration of which was its Facebook-led campaign to promote its summer sauces during the BBQ season (nma.co.uk 11 July 2011). Clark said the social network has become “incredibly important”, and more popular with customers than a campaign site. “People like feeling they are ahead of the curve, and getting exclusive access things, which is why Facebook works so well for us,” she added.

The company worked with developer Social Twist and We Are Social on the campaign.


Published 6 September, 2011 by NMA Staff

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