Betfair said it will increase spend on Facebook after the site relaxed rules restricting how gambling brands could use the site.

Betfair has already launched a campaign taking advantage of the relaxed rules, which Facebook announced at the end of last month ( 5 September 2011), and said it planned to increase spend as it uses the site more to engage with its fans.

Previously, brands were limited to four posts per week and had to get Facebook approval on updates, but this has been relaxed in the UK so that there is no limit, and no prior approval is necessary.

As such, Betfair has expanded its brand campaign, fronted by high-profile ambassadors including former England cricketer Michael Vaughn and ex-footballer and pundit Lee Dixon. Each ambassador ran a take-over of the Betfair Facebook page alongside a paid-ad campaign, helping to grow the number of Likes “by several thousand”, according to the company.

Ben Carter (pictured), head of central online marketing services for Betfair, said he was among a group of gambling brands working with Facebook on the relaxation of rules.

“There is loads of opportunity for us and it is what we have been waiting for  long time,” he said. “We had a page for a while but we have been limited by not being able to build the engagement or content. We will certainly increase spend but we will work with Facebook to understand what it means for gambling brands. The way to use advertising cleverly is influenced by social data, but these are disconnected at the moment.”

The relaxation of the rules also means brands can launch free-to-play apps. Carter said the apps Betfair plans to launch will aim to be a utility for customers in order to add value to the Facebook presence.


Published 6 September, 2011 by NMA Staff

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