Facebook Places check-ins outnumber Foursquare check-ins five to one, according to data from VisitBritain’s Love UK Facebook campaign.

The data, which uses all the check-ins at UK attractions since November last year, found that check-ins on Facebook to the top 50 UK attractions totalled 955,437, while check-ins on Foursquare reached 176,724.

Betapond, the agency that developed the Love UK Top 50 Places app, said the data showed that Facebook was by far the check-in method of choice for the mainstream web audience.

The data is taken from a campaign VisitBritain launched in November last year to find the top UK attraction, based on location-based check-ins (nma.co.uk 8 November 2011). The aim for the tourist board was to add a competitive element, encouraging attractions to promote check-ins to its visitors. Over the period of the campaign the Love UK page has gained over 450,000 Likes and helped to accumulate over 1m check-ins at the top 50 UK attractions.

The top UK attraction is currently The O2 stadium with 72,817 Facebook check-ins and 7764 check-ins on Foursquare.

While Facebook’s audience, now almost 30m in the UK, is higher than Foursquare’s by a factor of a lot more than five, Facebook’s check-in feature has until recently only been available to mobile users. For the majority of that time it was only available to users of its iPhone app, significantly reducing the reach of the feature.

According to Betapond, while Facebook is overall the most popular, the trend did skew in favour of Foursquare for certain venues such as Tate Modern and Selfridges.

Declan Kennedy, CEO of Betapond, said, “There is a huge disparity but it looks like it skews in favour of Facebook for venues that are very mainstream and down the middle, but if it is a more funky venue Foursquare catches up.”

The data comes a week after Facebook announced an expansion of its location-based check-ins as part of a wider update to the social networking site. As well as checking in while at a location via mobile phone, people are now able to tag venues from a desktop computer so that people can tag Places before or after they have visited (nma.co.uk 24 August 2011).


Published 31 August, 2011 by NMA Staff

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