Gadfly accompanied The Weather Channel to a wine tasting at Vinopolis on London’s Southbank this week.

With a fine selection of red, whites and fizzies from around the world, Gadders certainly wasn’t bothered about the presence of the spit bucket, opting to retain the liquid internally. That was, however, until a mouse appeared, did some rapid laps of the room before taking refuge under the table until it was safe to swiftly exit the room. Gadfly must admit that the spit bucket remained dry during this though, and it was the person opposite who almost received a face-full of wine upon the mouse’s first appearance.

Elsewhere, though, it would seem that Gadders wasn’t the only one imbibing a fair old amount of booze. An account director from a certain digital advertising network woke this morning after a night on the tiles to find a large wet patch around a specific area of his boxer shorts, and was unable to remember how it could have happened. Having seen photographic evidence, it doesn’t look like a spilled drink was responsible.

This certain digital advertising network has appeared in this column a number of times before and Gadders is definitely getting the impression that some of its employees have real problems when it comes to going to the toilet (Gadfly, 8 July 2011).

But if you think that’s embarrassing, compared with the poor chap who attended the AOL summer party last night and is quickly becoming something of a Twitter celebrity, it’s nothing to be sniffed at. Whether in jest or not, it turns out that appearing to snort white powder from a credit card in a photo booth – yes, in a photo booth, at a company party – will earn you the nickname Cokeboy, complete with #cokeboy hashtag.

Let’s hope that if it was just an ill-advised joke, the apparent snorter doesn’t make the swift transition from implied Bolivian marching powder to actual HR marching orders.

And even as Gadders writes this, people are sniffing out more scandal, reportedly from the same AOL party, with the recent appearance of #titgirl.


Published 5 August, 2011 by NMA Staff

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