Bryan Porter looks at NetValue's latest Internet Audience figures, and finds that travel and job hunting were January's favourite online activities.

January saw a boom in activity on UK travel Web sites, according to NetValue's latest reports. Travel sites attracted 3.7m users during the month, up from under 3m in December.

More than one in three UK Internet users visited a travel site during the month, making travel one of NetValue's fastest growing online categories.

Reports from BMRB last week showed that spend on travel sites had fallen in the latter half of last year, but these new reports from NetValue definitely show that consumer interest in online travel offers is very high. held on to top position in NetValue's travel rankings, while recent partner was in fourth. and had the second and third highest number of visitors.

Online job hunting increased by 74% between December and January, with attracting almost a quarter of all online job finders.

Three quarters of visitors to job sites were male, and the majority were between the ages of 15 and 34. 57% of users earn below £2000 per month, with 19% earning over £3000. Only 1.6% of visitors earn in excess of £6000 per month.

NetValue's Alki Manias said, 'In January, people book their summer holidays and look into changing jobs, this year we are seeing these people doing these things online.'


Published 16 February, 2001 by NMA Staff

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