newmediazero notes other news that's been doing the rounds today

<UL><LI>German Ad bookings across all Media are down by double digits for early 2001, according to reports from Handelsblatt.

<LI>The Independent Television Commission (ITC) has issued guidelines on interactive TV services that aim to control the ways in which advertisers exploit the medium.

<LI>Cap Gemini Ernst & Young have launched joint mobile Internet and IT services venture, Terenci.

<LI>The Anna Kournikova virus has hit Europe, wreaking havoc on services across the continent.

<LI>The Guardian claims that BTopenworld are to axe more than 200 jobs, less than a year after launching.

<LI>Reuter's results show that Internet ventures have cost £120m in profits.



Published 13 February, 2001 by NMA Staff

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