Andreas Schmidt, CEO of Bertelsmann e-commerce group has warned that even if US courts rule against Napster in its battle with the record industry tomorrow (Monday) file-sharing is here to stay.

Speaking at the Milia Think-Tank Summit in Cannes, Schmidt said: 'Napster is not alone. File-sharing is here to stay and will continue to flourish.'

And he added 'the industry should stop trying to block new technology and start adapting to it. The reason we chose to join Napster was to work to get an industry supported model.'

Schmidt went on to urge the industry to 'provide a framework to protect intellectual property.'

Earlier delegates had heard US Forrester analyst Edward Schirer say that 'there will always be a site where music is available for free. Business models that depend on the control of content are doomed to fail.'


Published 12 February, 2001 by NMA Staff

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