Content is the key to this weekend's Milia conference in Cannes

Content is the key to this weekend's Milia conference in Cannes.

The Think-Tank Summit, which runs over Saturday and Sunday, has lined up keynotespeakers from Bertelsmann, Electronic Arts, Vivendi Universal, iSyndicate,Forrester Research and The Idea Factory to look at some of the issues facingcontent providers.

The introductory session on Saturday morning, given by Forrester Research USvice president Mary Modahl, will look at the challenge presented by thegrowing number of young people who have grown up with the Internet, and thedifference in attitudes between them and the older generations.

She will be followed by Andreas Schmidt, president and CEO of Bertelsmann ecommerce Group, who will also be looking at the social implications of technologicalchange, and how content providers need to adapt to changing consumerbehaviour.

The question of content distribution across multiple platforms and channelswill be discussed by two other keynote speakers: Joel Maske, president andCEO of iSyndicate; and John Riccitiello, president and COO of ElectronicArts.

Outside the keynotes, the conference divides into two tracks: strategies andtechnology trends. The strategies track will look at issues such as theproblems of delivering content across multiple channels, making money out ofcontent, and copyright.

The technology trends track will focus on bandwidth, both in the fixedInternet and mobile, and will also look at developments in interfaces andthe impact of the PVR


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