Hoojit has launched an e-tailing platform enabling companies to set up own-branded shopping malls free of charge.

The Shops in a Box solution is an end-to-end outsourced e-tailing platform giving access to hundreds of commission-paying shops.

The company has also negotiated deals with online merchants in addition to advertising and sponsorship deals to provide an instant-on shopping solution.

"We're bringing businesses a very sophisticated shopping platform," said Hoojit MD Andrew Wayland. "Customers can design their own site, add their logos and links and serve it to their customers as an integral part of their site."

Hoojit pays all customers of Shops in a Box a percentage of the value of the products sold. In addition to its off the shelf package, Hoojit offers a bespoke service that includes strategic consultation.

At the core of the technology is Hoojit's Tracking System, which it also plans to offer as a standalone product. The system enables e-tailers to calculate how much a third-party merchant owes in commission for sales generated through their site.

The company claims it's the only transaction system that does not require any additional coding or scripting on the merchant's side.

It offers a range of facilities for managing affiliate relationships, can handle differing commission rates for different merchants, and can display and produce sales statistics and reports by a number of categories.

According to Wayland, Hoojit plans to aim its Tracking System at finance houses, to integrate with credit card platforms.

The Shops in a Box platform provides an integrated set of shopping technologies.The product search tool searches for products from over 300 stores, allowing click-through to the relevant store.

Category browsing enables browsing of 5000 product categories, and a store merchandising feature allows product suggestions to be made to customers.

The technology also integrates Hoojit's original real-time price comparison engine.


Published 8 February, 2001 by NMA Staff

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