The award winning is back with a new site for clothing retailer Ted Baker

Having won the Silver Lion at the Cannes Cyber Lions Awards with its site for clothing retailer Ted Baker last August, is back with a new site for the company. catalogues clothing for those working in 'smart-casual' environments. As well as smart clothing items for men and women, the site also includes underwear and fragrances and has been developed not only for desktop computer users, but also for Pocket PC owners.

Cleverly, this fits in with the styling of the clothes on the site, with all jackets featuring a pocket designed to hold a Pocket PC – a promotional collaboration between Ted Baker and Hewlett Packard.

While the award winning was built using Macromedia Flash, the new site was built entirely from HTML, and features less of the stylised characters and animations than its predecessor, while retaining more brand consistency.

"We thought it would be good to develop it on something other than just a normal PC," says William Cauley, managing director and creative director of "It was actually very difficult. There was a lot of back-end tweaking to be done to get it to work on the handhelds. It also needed to be of a size – memory-wise and format-wise – to be able to download it onto a hand-held."

To achieve this the Pocket PC site was minimised as much as possible, being created entirely in Web design application Intershock. After final streamlining, the site can now be completely downloaded onto the hand-held via a compatible mobile phone in between two and five minutes, and then browsed offline.

"It really is a light version," explains Cauley. "It's held locally on your hand PC, you can browse it, mess around with it, and with one connection you can make a purchase."

Another reason for the site being streamlined and built only in HTML was funding constraints. This restriction was partially eased with the Hewlett Packard deal, which also provided with a development partner.

There are direct links between both sites, enabling the brand to add a new clothing range with the minimum of upheaval. Lindsey Page, finance director at Ted Baker who was responsible for the site, explains the lack of gimmicks as reflecting the professionalism of the market the company is addressing.

Page says: "Ted's the Business is being marketed as a further collection to the range. We came to the view that, as it's being marketed at people buying business clothes for work, we wanted something with a bit more of a business-type approach. In line with this, you are never more than three clicks from buying something."


Published 8 February, 2001 by NMA Staff

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