Decipher, the digital strategy consultancy, is in acquisition talks with US Web agencies as part of expansion plans.

Decipher, the digital strategy consultancy owned by the Lowe Group, is in acquisition talks with US Web agencies as part of expansion plans.

This week, the company opened new offices in Hong Kong and confirmed plans to open a permanent site in New York in July. Currently the company operates a project office in New York.

Nigel Walley, founder and managing partner of Decipher, revealed that the company may buy its way into the New York market rather than set up alone, "We're currently evaluating whether to acquire a couple of companies in New York who are currently independent."

The new Hong Kong office will be used to pitch for regional and local business, manage international business run from the London office and bring information on Asian markets back to Europe.

"We're looking at bringing learning about wireless back from Hong Kong to Europe, and we are already using information we have gathered from Hong Kong in the UK," added Walley.

The company, whose global clients include HSBC and Unilever, is also in discussions with Cyberport, an Asian version of the Legacy group in the UK.

Cyberport has plans to run an interactive wireless business park for start-ups in Hong Kong. Discussions are currently taking place between Decipher and Cyberport about using the former's experience with Legacy in the UK for the Hong Kong project.

The Hong Kong office is planned to be around the same size as the London office in its first year.

Commenting on the plans, Walley said, "By the end of the year we should have about 12 people out there. It should mimic the growth of the London office."


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