Stuart Melhuish CEO, Amaze Email: Take us through your day.

I tend to spend a lot of time travelling. We're based in Liverpool, so I spend Monday and Friday in the North West. The rest of the week I'm out visiting clients and building the business, generally in Europe somewhere, or around the UK.

Don't you get bored hanging around airports all the time? No, it means I can indulge my addiction to ties. I have thousands of them, all bought at airports. I've become a compulsive shopper. I can't pass through without buying something. If you looked in my wardrobe, every piece of clothing I own has been bought at an airport. There aren't that many shops, but I think that's what I like - I can't stand going shopping in town. But I suppose it's all a bit obvious at the airport really - you know, where they only sell the top three lines in each shop. I end up looking like a walking advert.

Which brand would you most like to work on? If there was a site that I would passionately like to get involved in, it's one dedicated to the Euro debate. It's not a brand as such, but I would like to work on some kind of communications programme. I think there should be some positive coverage, and the Internet could have a large part to play in convincing people why we should go in to Europe.


Published 30 October, 2003 by NMA Staff

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