Nokia has added Foursquare and Qype to its social check-in service on Ovi Maps.

The update means Ovi Maps users can check in at venues on both Foursquare and Qype directly from the mapping service.

Nokia originally launched the check-in service with Ovi Maps last September using the Facebook and Twitter APIs.

Users will be asked to match the appropriate name to a venue when they first check in using the Ovi Foursquare service.

The integration also has a private check-in option that lets users alert only their friends when they check in.

A post on the Nokia blog read: “We’ve already had the ability to share your location from within Maps on Facebook for a while, so expanding this was really a no-brainer.”

Nokia and Foursquare announced a strategic relationship to launch Foursquare apps especially for the manufacturer’s phones using the S60 and S40 operating system.

A post on the Foursquare blog read: “This kind of relationship is good for Foursquare as it tries to expand in Europe, where Nokia maintains very strong market share.”


Published 24 February, 2011 by NMA Staff

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