Kathryn Jefferies, head of media, Equi-Media

Facebook Deals is one of the first examples of genuine location-based marketing from a social media platform. It could make location-based marketing a viable reality, something which has only been talked about for the last two years, and could even drive incremental purchasing in store.

It gives brands the opportunity to engage further with their customers by rewarding them with discounts and special offers, to grow their businesses further by capitalising on the opportunity to promote offers to their friends and to provide potential new customers with a reason to engage with their business.

Brands should consider acting swiftly on this opportunity. If people start checking in and expecting to see a deal but there’s none available, they could quickly become dispirited about that brand. However, there are a number of things brands need to be aware of before setting a Deal live, the main one being tracking. We see in-store systems’ ability to track discount codes and take-up across stores being a major factor for multi-site retailers getting involved.

In addition, brands must ensure they can meet demand. If customers try to use a Deal and the product isn’t available, they’ll be disappointed. In addition, store employees must be informed about all the deal basics and how to manage difficult situations that may arise, ensuring customer satisfaction is always maintained.


Published 24 February, 2011 by NMA Staff

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