ASOS has once again shown the industry the right way to integrate social and commerce with the announcement of its Facebook store this week.

There have been several launches of transactional applications in Facebook in the UK, such as by Best Buy and Max Factor. So far most brands have done nothing more than pay lip service to the potential of social commerce, using Facebook as a storefront to direct users to their main site.

This week, fashion etailer ASOS announced details of its Facebook store, which is due to launch at the end of the month. The shop will not only provide the entire ecommerce experience within the app, but will include the site’s entire range, adding over 1,300 new items every week ( 18 January 2010).

ASOS is often cited as a standout UK brand for the way it has integrated of social media into its entire business. This is rightly so – James Hart, ecommerce director, told new media age that the activity it’s already running on its Facebook page not only results in huge levels of engagement but generates millions of views and sales.

Other retailers may not find Facebook such a significant traffic or sales driver, so the investment may not seem as natural. However, ASOS is a mature player in the social media space and its move will be watched closely by other brands. If it can prove to the industry that a large proportion of consumers do want to shop within Facebook, we’ll see a lot more activity in this space.


Published 18 January, 2011 by NMA Staff

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