UK mums spend 35% more time online than the rest of the population, according to research from parenting and pregnancy site BabyCentre.

The Media Mum report, which polled 600 mums in April this year, was conducted to show the changing ways mums are consuming media across digital devices tablets and smartphones.

Almost half (45%) of the mothers surveyed spend more time online, spending an average 46 hours per month online once they have children, ten hours more than the general population, according to the report. A third (31%) regularly email and 28% go online via their tablets and smartphones. Meanwhile 15% of mums said they use the internet less since becoming mothers (see image below).

Traditional media including magazines, print and TV saw sharper drops in usage, with over half (55%) saying they read print magazines less on having children, while only 8% said they read more. Newspapers saw a similar fall, with 5% of respondents saying they read more newspapers after having children, but over half (52%) saying they read less.

Email advertising was cited as the most popular form of online ad, with 40% of respondents saying they spend the most time looking at email offers, while 13% of respondents cited smartphones as the place where they look most at ads, 31% online on their PCs. TV was the highest with 55% (see image below).

Relevant ad targeting is the most appreciated ad format, according to the report, with 65% of mums saying they pay more attention to an ad that relates to their personality or lifestyle, and 56% of them do if it has a voucher or offer.

Social media was found to be one of the most popular online activities amongst mums with 81% of respondents stating they use social media regularly. Two thirds (73%) of those polled use Facebook daily, while 61% Like brands on Facebook. Google+ was cited as the next most popular social network, with 39% of respondents using its daily, while Twitter was found to be less popular with only 19% using it daily. Almost half (48%) of then use parenting community sites on a daily basis (see image below).

Meanwhile over a third of respondents said they watch less regular TV after having children, while 20% said they watch more. However, mums are increasingly embracing social TV, according to the report, with two thirds (64%) of mums using social media while they are watching TV. Over half (55%) of them go online via their tablet or smartphone while watching TV, 50% send texts and 31% talk on the phone while watching TV.


Published 27 June, 2012 by NMA Staff

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