QUIT UK is to launch a mobile app to help teenage smokers give up the habit as part of an integrated campaign kicking off this weekend.

The app, called Age Yourself, was designed by the charity and creative agency Iris to recreate the effects of smoking by “ageing” images of a user on their phone.

Users of the app are prompted to blow cigarette smoke on to an image of themselves on their phone and then watch it age instantly.

The app is scheduled to launch in January. The timing of the launch is aimed at helping bolster anti-smoking new year’s resolutions but the campaign kicks off this weekend with a similarly themed cinema ad campaign.

Glyn McIntosh, UK’s communications director, said, “The teen market is such a hard market to reach because they believe they are invincible from the effects of smoking. Iris has come up with a fantastic campaign, which for the first time, we believe will really hit home with this audience. The contagious value of an app is perfect for this group.”

Shaun McIlrath, Iris executive creative director, said, “The ageing fact is a very compelling disincentive to younger smokers.”

Steve Hudson of Hungry Man, who created the advertising spot, said, “Kids think they’re immortal these days, all you can do is appeal to their vanity.”


Published 25 November, 2011 by NMA Staff

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