Video marketplace SpotXchange has appointed Channel 4’s Nick Callaghan as director of sales in a bid to capitalise on the growth of short-form video inventory and increasing demand for exchange-led video buying.

Callaghan, formerly group commercial manager at Channel 4’s Future Media and Advertising arm, will be responsible for building awareness of the opportunities for agencies and advertisers around audience-led video buying.

Currently around 80% of video ad spend goes to the long-form VOD propositions of the major broadcasters, which has in turn led to a lack of long-form inventory. Callaghan said there are ample opportunities in short-form quality content elsewhere on the web, which agencies and advertisers can use to complement their existing VOD campaigns.

“Demand outstrips supply in the premium broadcast space. Agencies and advertisers are looking for other premium video content elsewhere on the web where they can access and overlay data and targeting, adding to their existing campaigns. This is what SpotXchange can offer,” he added.

SpotXchange European MD Andrew Moore said the short-form video inventory market is still relatively untapped. “In the UK we’ve been fairly focused on long-form content, which is typically provided by broadcasters. But this is leading to long-form content supply issues, which means sales and yields are very high.”

However, the production of quality short-from video inventory by publishers including newspaper sites is rising, and its potential is still relatively unexploited, according to Moore. “We are seeing signs that buyers are seeing the value in short-form video, which is anything under about 30 minutes, to complement their existing long-form campaigns,” he said. “Once you look at short-form quality inventory overlaid with audience-led targeting at scale it becomes a powerful proposition.”

Callaghan said part of his agenda in the first few months will be to help simplify understanding around real-time-bidding (RTB) and what it can offer for video, adding, “In the RTB space there is a danger of things getting bogged down with technology talk, so i’ll be looking to simplify that.”

He said he will start out talking to agencies about audience-led targeting for video at scale, focusing on demographic-led targeting, which is what is in most demand. “We can then evolve to start talking about other forms of targeting we can offer, but initially it will about discussing how they can complement their existing VOD strategies.”

SpotXchange also features a real-time bidding platform and the ability to set up a private exchange between publishers and their advertisers. Moore said it is in talks with newspaper groups, broadcasters and sports entertainment sites about creating these “walled gardens”, which will ultimately allow them to control their own price points.  


Published 16 November, 2011 by NMA Staff

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