Google has revamped AdWords in the UK to include a Call Metrics service that lets advertisers track leads generated by phone numbers used in their campaigns.  

The move sees the introduction of the acronym PTR (phone-through rate) to the UK online ad market. It was first spotted in the US this summer.

The Call Metrics service provides detailed reporting on phone calls generated by Google ads, both hyperlinked click-to-call leads and numbers dialled manually after a user has seen a desktop ad.

Google can track the call leads by assigning unique forwarding phone numbers to specific Google ad campaigns.

When a user dials the number in the ad, the call is automatically routed to the business, and AdWords notes that it took place. Advertisers can also use Call Metrics to track cost, completed calls and PTR summaries via their AdWords accounts.

The updated service also lets advertisers monitor more granular information in real time, including volume of calls, call duration and the number of calls by area code.

Amanda Rosenberg, Google’s mobile business development manager, EMEA, described Google Call Metrics, which launched officially in the US in July, as a “total overhaul of AdWords” reporting.

“Advertisers have wanted this for a while and we have never been able to do this before,” she said. “It has generated over 12m calls in the US market so far.”  

Google’s click-to-call service is one of its most popular mobile services, and generates a 6-8% average increase in click-through rates, according to the company.  

However, so far advertisers have only been able to get a report on the number of times their ads were clicked and the number of attempted calls, even if they were not completed.

The updated Call Metrics also has a “bid-per-call” feature that lets advertisers bid separately for clicks that direct users to their websites as well as those that generate phone calls to their business.

This means advertisers can separate their phone call and website bids depending on their preference.


Published 25 October, 2011 by NMA Staff

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