Companies need to to incorporate social media into their online sales and marketing as a matter of urgency, concludes a Gartner report.

Companies will make half of their online sales from social media and mobile applications by 2015, research company Gartner has predicted.

Ecommerce managers in industries such as travel, retail, consumer electronics, and media and entertainment, will make greater use of location-based services to push personalised content to people with mobile devices who have subscribed to the services

“Customers want new and easy ways to interact with companies in a new business dynamic, including through social media”, said Gene Alvarez, research VP at Gartner.

“As more people use smartphones, they will expect an extension of their customer experience to be supported by this kind of device while demanding that social aspects of the web be intertwined with this experience,” he said.


Published 21 October, 2011 by NMA Staff

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