Heinz has launched a campaign titled Get Well Soup, allowing people to personalise cans of their favourite soups to send to friends and family.

The campaign aims to tap into the tradition for eating soup when ill, letting people cheer up their friends with a customised can, directly from the Facebook app.

It is the latest in a string of innovative uses of Facebook by the FMCG brand, which has previously launched a limited-edition Balsamic Tomato Ketchup exclusively on Facebook, with the ability to buy direct from the fan page (nma.co.uk 4 March 2011).

Heinz followed this with a social couponing campaign, giving bigger discounts to people who shared the voucher with friends (nma.co.uk 6 September 2011).

Matthew Cullum, Heinz Soup marketing controller, said, “Because Facebook is a place people choose to engage with our brand, we want to be there. Soup can be an emotive product and Facebook taps into that.

“Our use of these channels doesn’t replace TV, but it is a great compliment to it because it allows the consumer to spread the word and they engage more than they would with traditional channels such as TV or Radio,” he said.

The app will be promoted on the Heinz Soup UK Facebook page and via an online ad campaign.


Published 4 October, 2011 by NMA Staff

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