Five is launching a desktop app for pre-school brand Milkshake that lets children watch TV and play games.

The Magic Desktop app is designed so that kids can play and learn in a web environment approved by their parents.

It will have pre-installed content and child users can only access sites selected by parents.

Parents can download a basic version of the app for free or a premium version for a one-off payment of £19.99.

Users of the premium version will have access to exclusive programmes including full episodes of Peppa Pig, The Mr Men, Fifi and the Flowertots, and Noddy specials.

Parents can also unlock the app to add more websites of their choice. There are also more stories, games and activities to play.

Activities include educational programmes such as writing tasks, maths and music exercises. Parents can upgrade programmes as their children progress.

The free version comes with one original story, while the premium version gets six.

Jessica Symons, Five’s commissioning editor of children’s programmes, said, Milkshake Magic Desktop provides a “totally safe online environment for children”, adding, “The presence of Milkshake’s pre-school heroes on the desktop makes the child’s experience not only educational but engaging, entertaining and irresistible.”

The app will be available to download from next week.

The Magic Desktop app was created by Norwegian software company Easybits Kids. Content will be provided by content providers E1, Chorion, and Chapman Entertainment.


Published 24 November, 2010 by NMA Staff

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