News of the World has suffered a 40% drop in visitor numbers since introducing its paywall in October, according to ComScore.

It had around 1.56m unique visitors in September, but this fell to 0.96m last month, closer to its October 2009 figure of 1.04m.

Looking at the past 12 months, News of the World visitor numbers have peaked and troughed, even before the announcement of a paywall, although the number of pages viewed on the site has steadily declined.

The average number of page views in November 2009 was 24, and reached its lowest point in October 2010 when visitors viewed on average just eight pages per visit.

Dwell time on the site over the last 12 months has remained steady, between six and nine minutes, although it too reached it lowest point last month, at just 5.1 minutes.

News of the World’s approach has been to entice readers to pay for ’snackable’ video content suited to mobile viewing, which may not be conducive to long dwell times. It’s hoping page views will increase or hold steady as visitors browse picture galleries and headlines.

By comparison, The Sun has remained steady over the last year, with around 4.5m unique visitors every month and an average of 12-13 minutes’ dwell time. Visitors viewed 97m pages, an average of 24 per visitor.

Across the wider newspaper sector, Mail Online remains the most popular on all metrics, according to ComScore. It claimed 10.08m unique visitors in October, 223m page views, a dwell time of 23.7 minutes and an average of 22 pages per visitor.

The Guardian had 9.27m visitors, 176 page views, dwell time of 12.5 minutes and an average of 19 pages per visitor.

The Independent, which claims to have benefited from the migration of The Times readers, attracted 3.95m unique visitors last month who viewed 26m pages, averaging seven pages per visitor, for 6.2 minutes per visit.

The Times, which introduced its paywall in July, attracted 1.4m unique visitors in October, viewing 6m page, with visitors spending an average of 3.6 minutes on the site.

Newspaper sites: October 2010

Newspaper site Unique visitors Page views Average minutes per visit Average pages per visitor
Mail Online 10.08m 222.58m 23.7 22.1
The Guardian 9.27m 175.99m 12.5 19
Newsquest Media Group 4.39m 85.22m 4.7 19.4
The Telegraph 4.03m 54.76m 18.1 13.6
The Independent 3.95m 26.38m 6.2 6.7
Mirror Online 3.88m 18.70m 4.6 4.8
The Sun 3.26m 73.22m 11.1 22.5
Metro 2.50m 12.27m 4.1 4.9
The Times 1.40m 6.26m 3.5 4.5
News of the World 0.96m 7.46m 5.1 7.8

source: ComScore


Published 23 November, 2010 by NMA Staff

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