Neil Scoble, MD, Hi-Media

Your feature on Premier League football clubs’ use of their online presences to engage and monetise their supporters made interesting reading (nma 4 November 2010).

Beyond the mega-millions of the Premier League, the 85 members of the Football League are also producing great video content that enables them to compete effectively with the BBC, ITV and Sky. They’re monetising their web presence by pooling traffic to create a unique football channel that reaches more than 6m unique users a month, which Hi-Media then sells as an exclusive network partner.

In a world where clubs still have a close relationship with supporters, the Football League audience is proving to be a great avenue for advertisers with high click-through rates on display and pre-roll advertising that increase an additional 22% on match days.

By creating a large, engaged and exclusive audience, the Football League has shown it’s not just the flash clubs that can turn the web into an effective source of revenue.


Published 18 November, 2010 by NMA Staff

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