Interactive TV games channel Playjam has made its first foray into the lucrative film industry with the launch of a dedicated game for new Warner Brothers film release Eight Legged Freaks.

The pay-to-play game will run on the Playjam channel on Sky throughout this month and is intended to increase awareness of the film, released last Friday, which Warner Brothers is touting as this summer's blockbuster.

The game's release is playing a major part of the marketing campaign for the film. It's being promoted as part of the trailers and is being included in all other aspects of the film's marketing push.

Playjam will also market the game through dedicated ad spots on digital TV channels on Sky.

Although this is the first time that Playjam has developed games for the film industry, it has received interest from a number of film studios, according to Carolyn Maze, VP of business development for Static, Playjam's operator.

"The studios are starting to recognise the value of iTV," she said. "The medium can add significant value and is an opportunity for movie brands to build relationships with an audience before the release of a film." Playjam has previously developed branded games for a number of major household names including Egg and Aquafresh, and is now expanding its services to all consumer-facing sectors.

"We're looking at a range of new marketing opportunities for existing brands," said Maze.


Published 15 August, 2002 by NMA Staff

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