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In welcoming UKOM’s measurement of online video, Simon Stone suggested this will help TV ad budgets move online (Opinion, nma 2 June 2011). Linear TV viewing (at a record high in 2010) and its share of total ad spend (which saw revenue up 16% last year) are thriving at the same time as all forms of online marketing. Online video is largely online TV at the moment.

Rather than set themselves up in competition with TV, those in the online video market would do better to make friends with us, join us in promoting their channel as a complement to linear TV, and fighting for more marketing investment in video rather than just spreading the money thinner. After all, the more brands invest in making TV ads, the easier it is to edit the material for the varieties of online video.

As for measuring online video, advertisers and agencies are looking for one metric that shows them the total reach of their broadcast TV and online TV campaigns with the rigour and granularity they’ve come to expect from BARB. BARB is already a long way down the road to providing this, and internet-delivered TV viewed on TVs (whether via consoles, connected TVs or just a laptop plugged into the TV) has been part of the main BARB numbers since January 2010.

TV budgets will be partly online because TV is partly online; our challenge is to make the pot bigger.


Published 30 June, 2011 by NMA Staff

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