Keith Bird, CEO, eSellerPro

It’s great to see Ebay leading the way with mobile commerce (nma 16 June 2011), and where it goes others will follow. We can expect to see a concerted push by retailers across all sectors to harness mobile shopping, trusted recommendations and location apps, offering services and channels beyond simply comparing prices on your smartphone.

Taking this a step further, just as we saw the rise of the smartphone mark the end of discussion around the mobile internet, reaffirming the notion that there’s only one internet, it’s becoming clear we’re heading towards a converged landscape for retailing too. There’s only one form of commerce and as such we can expect to see the phrase ’x-commerce’ becoming less common. Platforms and channels will become irrelevant to the buyer. It doesn’t matter if it’s e-, m-, sor f-commerce, what the consumer wants is selection, value and accessibility, which for retailers means ensuring their products are available when, where and how the customer wants them.


Published 24 June, 2011 by NMA Staff

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