Red Bee Media’s video-on-demand platform RedPlayer could be more beneficial for brands than broadcasters in the long term.

The production company, which manages VOD content for most UK broadcasters, launched its platform today in response to demand from broadcasters and other content owners to reach viewers across all digital channels, a factor that’s becoming increasingly complex with the continuing proliferation of devices ( 16 June 2011).

The benefit for broadcasters is clear: what people refer to as a ’player’ doesn’t only relate to the software that plays the video content but also the surrounding portal which categorises it and allows people to search and navigate. These two things collectively are difficult and costly to transport across different devices, and RedPlayer will remove this headache.

Throw in its micropayment options – a hot topic among all commercial broadcasters looking to diversify revenue streams – and the prospect is compelling.

For advertisers, RedPlayer has the usual targeting bells and whistles offered by the major broadcasters’ VOD players. But it’s the long-term potential, if the platform receives mass take-up, that could make a big difference for them.

One of the big disappointments for brands and agencies when YouView failed to launch on time was that it offered them the chance to use the same campaign creatives across broadcasters’ VOD players via the standardised YouView platform, rather than having to adapt inventory to the various players.

Unlike YouView, Red Bee hasn’t built RedPlayer with ad standardisation specifically in mind, but if it’s widely adopted that will happen of its own accord, and advertisers stand to gain the most.


Published 16 June, 2011 by NMA Staff

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