Mailshots is an online shop for camera film and batteries of all kinds. It also stocks attachable flashes and photographic printer paper. Pretty much every type of non-digital camera is catered for.

Since the site sells such specific items, it’s very simple. There’s a menu on the left of the home page listing all types of film available. Once you click on an option here, each item has a short description, clearly stating what type of photos it produces.

Returns policy
Item can be returned within seven days. The site does ask that you contact customer services before sending anything back.

Customer service
There’s an online form on the Contact Us page, and phone numbers and email addresses on the Terms & Conditions page.

Email confirmation
Immediate, with a further notice when the order had been sent.

Delivery ranges from £2.95 to £4.95 for orders of up to 20 35mm films. More than this, or larger items, costs £5.97 to £7.95. My order was sent out the day after I placed it and I received my film the following day.

The bottom line
Mailshots’ motto is ’We demand the best’ and it claims this extends to every facet of its business. I have to agree. The site may be simple, but it was quick and easy to find what I wanted, and the service was very smooth.

Score 5/5


Published 19 May, 2011 by NMA Staff

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