Fabio Torlini, international VP, Rackspace

It’s not just the BBC and the Olympics, ’spikey’ retailers are also vulnerable to website outages. With online the fastest growing part of most retailers’ businesses, they need to learn lessons from the growing number of high-profile site-crash stories doing the rounds.

It’s stating the obvious that retailing is a seasonal business, but the very spikes in demand that retailers most welcome can and do cause crashes because the sites simply aren’t geared up to cope.

The answer lies in the cloud. Rather than build infrastructure in-house, retailers can access cloud services to scale to unlimited resource as soon as it’s required and drop back once traffic slows down afterwards. This flexible pay-as-you-go model is the best solution for sudden spikes of demand and is becoming popular for all types of websites. And if a higher level of security is needed (for a transaction, for example), that’s possible with hybrid hosting solutions.

For any organisation, this is about looking your best when business comes knocking.


Published 5 May, 2011 by NMA Staff

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